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Hello, I'm Apple's automated assistant. I can answer questions about Apple products, help you get support, assist with a purchase, and more.

Some things you can ask me:
- "Buy an iPhone”
- “Book a Genius Bar appointment”
- “Get my iPhone screen fixed”
- “Chat with an Apple agent”
Chat with an Apple agent
Let me connect you to a Specialist.

Hello, World

Speak to the world using Text, Email, Call, or Push

*Contiguity Call and Contiguity Push launch in late-2024.

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sent by thousands of developers and startups every month.

99.98%+ uptime

a communications service shouldn't go down.

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// npm install @contiguity/javascript

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Think about something other than fees. Contiguity offers Enterprise Unlimited plans for nearly every product we offer, that are truly unlimited. Say goodbye to usage-based pricing.


Outbound SMS, per number$19.99 / month
Inbound SMS, per number$5.99 / month (extra)
Number Leasing$0 / month
Number Setup$54.99 (one-time)
Delivery Insights
"Sent using Contiguity" ad


*Outbound iMessage, per number$49.99 / month
Inbound iMessage, per number$5.99 / month (extra)
Number Leasing$0 / month
Number Setup$74.99 (one-time)
Delivery Insights
"Sent using Contiguity" ad

*Depending on your company's relationship with Contiguity, use case, and other factors, outbound iMessage may be unavailable to you. Your account may be limited to inbound-first messaging.


Outbound Email, per email account$19.99 / month
Inbound Email, per email account$9.99 / month (extra)
Custom From Address
Email Analytics
"Sent using Contiguity" ad


Outbound Calls$99.99 / month
Inbound Calls$39.99 / month (extra)
Number Leasing$0 / month
Number Setup$199.99 (one-time)

*When available, coming later this year.


IP Lookup$14.99 / month
Number lookup$24.99 / month
Basic Fraud Analysis**Pricing Upon Request
Document Verification**Pricing Upon Request

*When available, coming later this year.
**Certain Contiguity Identity Services can't be part of an Unlimited Identity subscription, and are billed based on usage.

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