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Contiguity offers the simplest and affordable messaging experience for developers, so you can get up & running this evening

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Integration Hell?
Integration Heaven.

Get a reliable & easy-to-use API, as well as dozens of SDKs, to make integrating Contiguity into your app a breeze.

No complex setup, no bizarre phone number leasing and registration, just sending.

Get sending in less than 5 minutes. And in under ten lines of code, because we're simple.

// npm install @contiguity/javascript

Manage it all from a rich dashboard. Select the numbers you're sending from, messages you've recently sent, and more.

Delivered+1 (844) 814-4627+1 (929) 501-483315 seconds ago
Read+1 (212) 384-1000+1 (929) 501-483311 minutes ago
Errored+1 (703) 374-7400+1 (628) 283-78452 hours ago
Delivered+1 (301) 688-6311+1 (929) 501-48332 days ago

The platform that keeps on giving. Contiguity provides you with tools like managed SMS OTPs, for free - no need to build your own system.

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